2017 PNG National Elections

COUNTING: Moresby North West progressive results after Count 35

As of 5pm this afternoon the progressive results are as follows;

In second place after Samuel is Sir Mekera Morauta with 2, 260 votes.

Miria Ikupu is running third with 1, 671 votes, followed by Russell Wavik at 1,430 votes in fourth place with Joseph Tonde in fifth place collecting 1, 211 votes.

Count 36 is now underway. 


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COUNTING: NCD regional progressive results after count 68

Progressive results as of Count 68 at 5pm this afternoon are:

 Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 7, 397 votes,  Andy Bawa with 3, 476 votes, Michael Kandiu with 3,343 votes.

Whilst running in fourth place is Babani Ono Maraga with 1,445 votes followed by Mairi Gaigo Homosi at 1, 417 votes in fifth place.

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Moresby North-West counting underway

Counting officials took their seats followed by the 78 scrutineers of the running candidates.

Moresby North-West Assistant Returning officer then gave the rundown of instructions for both scrutineers and officials that was to be followed through the night’s counting.

Counting is expected to continue into Saturday morning, where the next group of officials and scrutineers will step in to progress from the previous group.

Candidates to keep an eye out for in the Moresby North-West are; Mekere Morauta, Health Minister Michael Malabag and Janet Sape, to name a few.

Simbu commences counting of ballot papers

Provincial Election Manager Reverand Tom Sine told Loop PNG that so far they have counted three ballot boxes for its districts.

He said an updated tally will be given to Loop PNG at around 5pm.

Meanwhile, Hela Province has also commenced counting on Tuesday while Southern Highlands is set to do theirs this weekend.

More to come….. 


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Audit of ballot boxes to be done

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said this when responding to a petition from candidates contesting the two open and regional seats in NCD.

He said time did not permit the Electoral Commission to do a pre-audit of the ballot papers before they were taken to the polling venues.

However, he says that he spoke to NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy to ensure the audit of all ballot boxes will be done before counting takes place.

Tinputz issue to be resolved soon

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, says he has spoken to the election manager and they are currently addressing the issue.

Service providers from the 2012 National Election from Tinputz have had ballot boxes locked up at the Tinputz Police Station over outstanding claims.

“They said once they are paid they will have the boxes released,” said Gamato.

“I’ve spoken to the election manager and we are working on something. Hopefully we can sort their outstanding claims, hopefully this week. I’ve already given instructions.”

NCD police beef up operations

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi says that the security operations for the NCD elections process will be lifted up a notch in preparation for the counting period and eventually the declaration.

Turi is adamant that all operations will flow smoothly into the beginning of the counting period set for some time this week.

He adds that the incident that occurred yesterday at the Rita Flynn courts has forced police security to be beefed up.   

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent described the incident as being forced upon by desperate candidates.

Ambunti-Drekikir polling update

Returning Officer Benjamin Gawi told Loop PNG that the remaining 9 teams will complete polling on Thursday July 6th.

The district has 21 polling teams covering the four local level government areas.

Ambunti LLG has 5 polling teams, Drekikir LLG also 5, Gawanga LLG 4 teams and Tunap hunstein LLG 7 teams.

The counting for the Ambunti Drekikir Open seat will be held at Ambunti Vocational Centre

NCD scrutineers told to abide by dress code

Turi said the Electoral Commission has set that all scrutineers be in White shirts with clear Identification in order for them to be eligible to enter into the counting premises.

He says that anyone dressed inappropriately or without clear identification will not be allowed into the counting venues.

All supporters are also being warned that police will not hesitate to use force if they must; they are advised to be vigilant but also cooperative with the police and other supporters.

Ward 15 in Kairuku LLG ends polling

Polling for team six in the Gabadi area commenced on June 26 covering five villages starting at Ukaukana, Koupuana, Magabaira, Toutu and ending at Pinu.

Team leader and presiding officer Simon Buana said polling was very peaceful over the one week period with no intimidation, threats or harassment.

Buana said the only challenge they faced were issues with the electoral roll which was not updated.

Meantime, the Gabadi area in Ward 15 has 2,762 eligible voters however a handful of people were turned away because their names were not on the electoral roll.