2017 PNG National Elections

VIDEO: Markham eliminations anticipated

Returning Officer Willie Pilailo said he was pleased with the progress which has taken place without any major disturbances.


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Marat declared for Rabaul Open

Marat was officially declared this afternoon after a total of 14 boxes counted since Sunday for the East New Britain Province.

Rabaul Returning officer, Ekonia Walom whilst speaking on Radio East New Britain had ruled out the possibility of declaring a winner through an absolute majority as the candidate leading the tally count has fallen short by 200 votes.

The required votes for an absolute majority is 6, 520.

Running under the Melanesian Liberal Party, Rabaul sitting MP, Dr. Allan Marat polled a total of 6, 310 votes at the end of the last count.

COUNTING: Moresby North-East’s progressive result – after count 34

As of 5pm this afternoon, Progressive Results for Moresby North East after count 33 are as follows; 

Moresby North-East - after count 34

Police boss satisfied with security operations

Baki said he was impressed with the conduct of the elections after travelling to various Highlands provinces.

He said so far, security operations in the Highlands region and the country have been going very well.

Baki had travelled to Mendi, Wabag and Hela on Tuesday and was satisfied with what was happening on ground.

“Our security personnel are prepared to allow the counting to go ahead in these provinces.”

Turi to still carry on election duties

The Waigani National Court on Wednesday afternoon refused an urgent application that was filed by incumbent Moresby North-East MP, Labi Amaiu, seeking to restrain him from “interfering with the conduct of electoral officials”.

Amaiu’s lawyer filed an urgent application on July 4, on allegations that Turi had made comments in relation to the conducting of elections during polling day on June 30 at Bush wara settlement at 9 mile and Unagi oval at Gordons.

He also alleged that Turi made comments against NCD regional candidate, Andy Bawa outside the Rita Flynn courts.  

Gamato confident counting will be completed on time

Gamato says with the rate counting is going so far, he is confident it will be completed in the two weeks period before the return of writs on July 24.

Gamato said they expect more declarations towards the end of the week.

“I hope more declarations can be done soon and the writs can be returned before July 24.

“We will still allow the counting process to go ahead for those electorates that are behind schedule,” Gamato explained.

Polling yet to be completed in four provinces

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today that polling in some LLGs in these provinces have been extended.

In Madang, polling in Arabaka Rural LLG and Josephstaal Rural LLG in the Middle Ramu District and Bundi LLG in the Usino Bundi District have requested for an extension.

For Enga, counting has started at most electorates while some LLGs have requested for polling extension.

In Gulf, polling in the remote parts of Kikori District has been extended while polling in Kerema District is complete and counting will commence on Thursday.

COUNTING: WNB's progressive results

 West New Britain Provincial - after count 11




VIDEO: TVWAN Elections update July 12th

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VIDEO: Alleged vote rigging caught on camera

The video, posted by Andrew Kumi, a candidate for North Waghi, shows a group of men allegedly filling out ballot papers and placing them in ballot boxes for the North Waghi Electorate.

It has been claimed that these men are supporters for incumbent MP Dr Fabian Pok. 

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