2017 PNG National Elections

VIDEO: Kua on use of Security personnel and elections

Member elect for Sinasina Yongumugl and leader of the PNG National Party Kerenga Kua said the presence of security personnel makes voters intimidated and sometimes scared of voting for the right leader.


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VIDEO: Central Regional declaration in sight

Eliminations started after lunch today.


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Counting: Usino Bundi results after Count 38

So far progressive results are;

Usino Bundi - after count 38

Moresby North West exclusion counts progressing

24 candidates are expected to be eliminated from the race after the 24th elimination count later tonight.

It is anticipated after the 24th elimination count, numbers of the top 5 candidates are bound to change drastically as more of the other candidates with lower counts are eliminated from the race.

The fourth exclusion count has seen the following candidates eliminated in the exclusion count.

1. Simon Koima

2. Albert Nupi Kamani

3. Lazarus Towa

4. Avosa Sevese.

VIDEO: Milne Bay governor declared

Sir John was declared yesterday evening at 6:30 after the 9th and final elimination of Robert Igara.


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VIDEO: 6 Boxes set aside

The scrutinizers from the candidates have disputed these boxes, which were alleged to be tempered during the polling day.

Mr. Tipi said he made the decision after one day of further consultation and collecting of required information from the scrutinizers, the locals and leaders of these polling areas.


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Counting: Madang Regional results after Count 76

The following is a progressive tally;

Counting: Rai Coast Open results after 8th elimination

Rai Coast Open after the 8th Elimination

Counting: Bogia open results after 18th elimination

The tally stands with National Alliance candidate Robert Naguri leading on 6671 votes,

The following are the progressive results as of this afternoons count;

Madang slowly wrapping up counting

With most of the provinces throughout the country already declared some of their members, Madang is yet to declare one member.

While, neighboring provinces in the region have declared some candidates in the past week, Madang is yet to compete counting, at least for most of its districts.

This is evident as the regional Seat hasn't even hit the half way mark in counting for over 200 ballot papers.

While the Madang open seat is in its early stages of elimination, followed by Bogia open, other districts still need to complete counting.