2017 PNG National Elections

Police: Ballot papers burnt to prevent tampering

These boxes belonged to the Awi-Pori LLG, in the Koroba-Lake Kopiago District, and another LLG from Tari-Pori District.

Provincial Police Commander Michael Welly told TVWan news that the ballot papers for the LLG in Tari-Pori were mistakenly placed in the ballot boxes belonging to Awi-Pori LLG.

PPC Welly says this led to the boxes being destroyed in Tari town to avoid any tampering.

Voting days vary nationwide

The eight weeks of campaigning ended as the clock struck 12am this morning, this included campaigning on social media.   

The 14 days of nationwide polling starts today and will end on 8 July.

One day polling will be held in the urban centres of NCD, Kokopo, Lae, Madang and all of the Highlands provinces.

The dates are as follows:

  • National Capital District and Kokopo Town - Tuesday 27 June
  • Lae Urban – Thursday 29 June
  • Madang Urban 3 July

Provinces in the Highlands Region:

Giusu promises deliverance for Gulf Province

Gulf Regional Candidate Ruben Giusu said Gulf province of all the provinces in the country should be well developed by now but yet successive Governors have continued to neglect the province because of the mismanagement of funds.

Running under the Pangu Pati ticket, Giusu made this known to the people of Kikori and Baimuru where he spent eight days living amongst the people and hearing their stories.

Locals want progress in province

Manusians say progress and tangible development are non-existent in the political realm of the province.

Health, education services, infrastructure and roads linking villages on the mainland have been neglected for decades.

Resident Chawi Konabe says they want nothing less than visionary leaders who have the interest of the people at heart, leaders who will effect change and development.

Echoing similar sentiments, family and sexual violence advocate Irene Pokris openly shared the struggles faced by the womenfolk in the province.

More PNGDF troops to be deployed this weekend

Joint Operations Commander Colonel Esekia Wenzel says that most of the defense troops for the national election security operations have been sent out over the past week.

The last of the troops will be moved out this weekend.

According to the transport schedule tomorrow, 40 more troops will be sent up while on Sunday the last twenty seven will be deployed.

Wenzel outlines that all operations are on track with the troops at Mount Hagen and Lae.

PNGDF troops deployed to Mt Hagen

The troops from Wewak and Port Moresby are part of the initial 500 troops to be sent out to assist with security detail this elections period.

Joint Operations Commander Colonel Wenzel Esekia says the PNG Defence Force are on track to support the Royal PNG Constabulary and the Electoral Commission deliver a free, fair and safe 2017 National elections.

Colonel Esekia says the PNGDF also has maritime support, with navy ships ready to back the coastal areas during this election period.

VIDEO: Simbu receives ballot boxes

Simbu Province has already received 4 containers full of ballot boxes and other less important materials. 


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PNGDF task forces deployed

PNGDF Chief of Joint Operations, Colonel Ezekia Wenzel, says the three task forces have been deployed to locations to cater for support in security operations in the four regions.

Main defence troops to be deployed soon

The joint operations command anticipates the full contingent to be deployed come June 17.

Joint Operations Commander, Colonel Ezekia Wenzel, says the operations are scheduled to cater for a week ahead of the start of the polling period on June 24th, and a week after.

This is to ensure that all security aspects are catered to.

Initially, he says the confirmed number of troops on ground for the elections was 500, but adds that the defence will also have an additional 300 troops that will be deployed to support police commands near military establishments.

VIDEO: Wewak Police security operations update

The boarder security operations will comprise of personnel from the Royal PNG Constabulary, Correctional services and PNGDF.


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