2017 New Year

Pom buses grounded for New Year

The city seems unusually quiet whilst the main bus stops had only one or two empty buses.

Loop PNG caught up with one of the commuters who were seen walking along the main highways.

Leah, who is renting out a place near Vadavada, said she was already late for work but had to walk up past Manu Autoport, which is normally packed with buses, all the way to Three-Mile. There was not one single bus in sight!

“It’s not always safe but if you’re walking with people, it’s better,” says Leah.

New Year celebrations: Global festivities welcome 2017

From Sydney in Australia to Pyongyang in North Korea and Moscow in Russia, crowds gathered to say goodbye to 2016, a tumultuous year in global politics.

Many cities around the world have stepped up security for New Year's Eve celebrations, after a year in which attackers drove lorries into crowds in Berlin in Germany and Nice, France.

Thousands of extra police are on duty in London and other cities.

In Paris, Madrid and New York, concrete barriers and heavy goods vehicles are in use to block off central squares where crowds gather to celebrate.