2017 National General Election

NCD election containers opened

The containers were kept under the close watch of the NCD Electoral officers.

The Court order comes after the Electoral Commission lawyer told court that they were having difficulties obtaining the keys for the containers.

This morning, under the supervision of the NCD Election Manager, Terence Hetinu, the containers were opened.

The process was witnessed by NCD Electoral officers, the petitioners; Michael Kandiu and Andy Bawa, with their lawyers and the Electoral Commission’s lawyers.

Court declares Akoitai

The National Court today declared Sam Akoitai duly elected member for Central Bougainville following the judicial recount.

Trial Judge Justice Lawrence Kangwia on Friday (April 13) afternoon declared Sam Akoitai duly elected, pursuant to section 212 of the Organic Law on National and Local level government.

He formally ratified election results from the recount, filed in court on March 20, as correct and valid.

Akoitai, who was the successful petitioner, won the recount by just four votes ahead of Fr Simon Dumarinu.

Progressive results for Gulf Regional- after count 26

Haiveta collected 4723 votes ahead of incumbent Governor, Havila Kavo who is trailing in fourth place.

Progressive result for Gulf Regional top five candidates are as follows;