2017 National Elections

​Agencies urged to allow reservists man elections

Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, made the request in a circular issued at the start of the week.

In an advance notice given for agencies to plan ahead, Kali said reservists had been called to assist during the elections between June and July.

“I am therefore requesting that all agency heads look favourably upon requests from police reservists in their organisations to attend to the Police Commissioner’s call,” he said.

“As far as possible, police reservists should be released for the whole of the 2017 election period.

​Highlands election operations to be launched

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said they are antcipating challenges and high security risks in the region.

“Most of the security personnel will be based in the highlands because the region presents a lot of encounters, in terms of security aspects.”

Baki is calling on locals to understand the election process and to work with police to make sure the elections run smoothly and on a safe and trouble-free note.

Released: Revised code of ethics for media industry

The General Code of Ethics for the news media was reviewed and updated by the Australian Press Council in October last year after the MCPNG approached and asked for their assistance, due to the growth of the PNG media industry and the arrival of social media and online news services.

The MCPNG board met and agreed to give the revised edition of the code its stamp of approval in December last year and distribute it to all media personnel on the eve of Papua New Guinea’s 2017 general election. 

​K250m for small scale farmers: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye arrived at 10.30am today (Sunday) in Papua village of Markham district to yet another rousing welcome.

Polye travelled to the village in a chopper following the completion of his three-day campaign trail in the Eastern Highlands province.

He was there not only to endorse his candidate for Markham Open, Dr. Warima Pomuso, but to launch his election campaign as well. 

Addressing locals at the village, he assured them that he would like to see the whole valley being commercialised into an agriculture zone.

​Committee to monitor elections

“The functions of the Election Advisory Committee (EAC) are to provide recommendations and advice on matters relating to cancelation and withdrawal of writ for an election, if circumstances prevailing in an electorate are such that a proper conduct of an election is not practicable,” Gamato said.

The three-member EAC, to be appointed by the Governor-General, will comprise of the Chief Ombudsman Commissioner (or his nominee) and two other persons – a nominee by the board of Transparency International (PNG) Incorporated and a retired judge or lawyer.

​No more Hela call-out: Baki

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said phase two of the exercise has not progressed due to, firstly, the Royal PNG Constabulary officers going into the election mode of operation. The second reason is funding.

“We do not have that many resources to enforce the call-out exercise in Hela,” Baki stated.

However, he added that the deployment on the elections will support their intentions in Hela.

(PNG Defence Force and Police personnel during their deployment in January)

Polye slates NA move as ‘too late’

Polye who was the former Treasury Minister said it was not in the best interest of the country but to satisfy its 'petty bed issues.'

"I needed Hon. Patrick Pruaitch and his lieutenants in July, 2016 when the Opposition moved a Vote of No-Confidence against the Prime Minister.

"Our people have desperately wanted a change in the country's leadership amidst rife in corruption levelled against the executive government, serial breaking of rule of law, embezzlement of public funds and economic mismanagement," Polye said.

​Minape confident to change Lae city

In a press conference today in Port Moresby, Minape said his aim is to change Lae city into a proper, regulated settlement city.

“Lae has been stagnant for the last 41 years and needs a visionary leader to move it forward.”

He said settlements have been popping up everywhere in Lae city and a regulated system of settlement is needed.

Minape added that Lae is the industrial hub of the country and needed somebody with a vision to lead the people and show them the way.

“If I am elected as an MP, the buck stops with me. I don’t want evictions in Lae.”

​Candidates’ numbers expected to decrease

PNG Electoral Commission media officer, Alphonse Muapi, said all details must be correct before PNGEC releases the final listing.  

He said the accurate information will be used to print candidates’ posters, which will be used by voters to identify them when casting their votes.

The number of candidates contesting the general election this year has been reduced from 3,332 after the nomination period, to 3,324.

Pangu settles infighting

The Party submitted its candidates’ listing to the PNG Electoral Commission on Monday in Port Moresby.

The list, sighted by Loop PNG, was submitted by the party General Secretary Morris Tovebae at 2pm at the PNGEC headquarters.

Eighty-two candidates will run under Pangu’s banner in the 2017 National Elections.

The list combines the candidates endorsed by the party’s council, provincial branches and parliamentary leader, Sam Basil.