2017 National Elections

COUNTING: Kairuku-Hiri progressive result – after elimination 23

The candidates left in the race are incumbent Member and National Alliance Party's Peter Isoaimo, People’s Congress Party candidate Paru Aihi, PANGU's Steven John Manai and Independent candidate Scott Morata.

Isoaimo continues to maintain lead on 17,360 votes after elimination 23, after the 23rd exclusion of Gabriel Nicholas.

3,597 votes from Nicholas were distributed among the four remaining candidates while the exhausted votes from this box were 2,852.

ESP gets new governor!

National Alliance Party candidate, Allan Bird, flew over the absolute majority figure of 77,108 this morning, making him the province’s second governor since PNG gained independence from Australia in 1975.

Counting was suspended at 8:30am after the exclusion of third-placed candidate Gabriel Dusava.

The official declaration for the new governor will happen today.

The unofficial figure: Bird is sitting on 88,701 votes and Kenny Waiyu finishing second with 65,513.

Sir Mekere reaches absolute majority

The announcement was made at 9am today while a declaration is expected soon.

After the 35th elimination of Honk Kiap, Sir Mekere polled 14,007 votes, passing the absolute majority of 12,918.

Kiap's votes of 4,877 were distributed among the top three candidates. 2,351 were exhausted votes.

Sir Mek picked up 1,106 votes, Tonde picked 824 while Samuel got 596 votes.

COUNTING: Moresby North-West progressive result – after elimination 34

Sir Mekere Morauta is still climbing and leading the competition as exclusion continues.

The progressive results are as follows;

COUNTING: NCD Regional progressive tally – after elimination 15

As of midday today, sitting Governor Powes Parkop remains in the lead with 39,568.

One of the two female candidates, Veronica Marme, has bowed out of the race after the eighth elimination.

Fellow female candidate (box 24) Margaret Loko remains with 979 votes.

Progressive tally:


COUNTING: Central Regional progressive result – after elimination 17

After the 17th exclusion of Roger Mackenzie Digga, Agarobe leads on 27,199 votes.

3,393 votes from Digga were distributed among the 10 remaining candidates.

Results for the top five after elimination 17:

Sumkar Member declared!

PANGU candidate Chris Nangoi is the member-elect for Sumkar Open.

Nangoi was declared by returning officer for Sumkar Albert Gului at 11:45am today.

He unseated People's Progress Party candidate Ken Fairweather in a tight race.

The member-elect won with 8,763 votes, after elimination of the outgoing MP Fairweather, who distributed his 6,554 votes to the member-elect and runner up Sir Arnold Amet.

Sir Amet bowed out with 7,940 votes.

Sumkar RO said the member-elect had votes exceeding the absolute majority of 8,352... thus the declaration.

COUNTING: Bogia Open progressive result – after elimination 28

COUNTING: Madang Open progressive result – after elimination 20

The progressive tally: 

COUNTING: Middle Ramu progressive result – after elimination 8