2017 National Elections

EHP regional writ presented

Dressed in bright green attires, election officials as well as the Acting Provincial Administrator, Samson Akunai and Provincial Returning Officer Ikiso Kosanama, accompanied EHP Election Manager, Steven Kaupa, as he presented the writ to Gamato.

The Return of Writs was conducted on July 28th, a week after the original designated date, due to some areas not completing counting in time.

Kundiawa-Gembogl declared

After exclusion 37 today, William Gogl Onglo secured 15,499 votes, surpassing the absolute majority of 14,150.

The runner-up was Wagi Merimba with 12,798 votes.

William Gogl Onglo was officially declared by the Returning Officer at 2:45pm this afternoon.


It’s D-Day!

The People's National Congress coalition have taken their seats on the Government side of the house while the National Alliance and PANGU Party coalition on the Opposition side.

Parliament is waiting for the arrival of Chief Justice Sir Saloma Injia to chair the first sitting of the new term of Parliament.

More to come. 

National election displayed lack of transparency: TIPNG

In a statement, the anti-rot organisation said: “There is a strong public perception that our democracy is being challenged by vested interests, acting with apparent impunity, and this appears to have heightened during the process of election.  

COUNTING: Madang Regional progressive result – after elimination 28

His votes, totaling to 61,850, will be distributed among the remaining top candidates; People’s Labor Party leader Peter Yama and National Alliance candidate James Yali.

The tally now stands at:

The Alliance boasts 47 MPs

The Alliance comprises these parties; National Alliance, PANGU Party, PNG National Party, People’s Movement for Change, Melanesian Alliance, Coalition for Reform Party, Melanesian Liberal Party, PNG Party and Independents.  

According to a reliable source, the Alliance will depart Port Moresby for Kokopo today before Parliament sits on Wednesday, the first sitting for the 10th Parliament.

Fifty-six MPs on the floor of Parliament is needed to form the new government, and the source confirmed as of head count last night, the Alliance only needed 9 MPs more.

PNC invited to form government

PNC secured the highest number of elected members this election; 15 of them are at the Alotau camp.  It is understood they have 24 elected MPs.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato, at the return of writs to the Governor-General at 4pm today, advised Sir Bob to invite PNC to form government.

Parliament will sit next week to elect a speaker and eventually, a prime minister.

President of PNC party, Joseph Kup, was present at Government House today at the presentation of the writs.

COUNTING: Moresby North-East progressive results – after exclusion 34

Moresby North-East will be on lockdown

This was the directive given by the NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, to officials and scrutineers of Moresby North-East.

Turi said just like Moresby North-West, all officials and candidates’ scrutineers will remain in the venue to complete elimination count before declaration and written of writs tomorrow.

After recent delays and false allegations, he called on them to work diligently and transparently.

"I warn any officials to refrain from cheating and putting ballot papers in boxes they shouldn't be in."

ENB members-elect join PNC camp

The ENB team included Kokopo MP Emil Tammur, Pomio MP Elias Kapavore and Governor Nakikus Konga.

They arrived this afternoon from a chartered plane from Port Moresby.

Also on the plane was WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel, Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru and Sir Puka Temu.

More MPs are expected to join the camp this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.