2017 Academic Year

Don Bosco Gabutu opens Academic year

Presider, now Bishop-elect Peter Baquero SDB of the Diocese of Kerema urged the DBTS school community to be open to the bidding of the Holy Spirit.

He encouraged all to strive to carry out the will of God throughout the academic year.

The Rector of DBTS, Fr. Savio Angelo S. Sanchez SDB welcomed everybody stressing on how privileged the students are to be part of DBTS family.

Slow start for most schools

Schools in Central Province and the National Capital District did mainly registration and enrollment of students today before classes get into full swing during the week.

Loop PNG visited schools in the Central Province, including Porebada Primary School.

The school is located within Porebada Village in the Kairuku-Hiri District and has a population of over 700 students, excluding the elementary school.

Students were busy cleaning up the school ground and classrooms to get them ready for classes.