2016 Western Governor Ati Wobiro case

Injia: Closely scrutinise bail applications on medical grounds

He said bail being sought from the courts on grounds of medical condition is becoming a common practice. It has developed over time in just every bail application involving high level people imprisoned for serious offences.

Sir Salamo made these comments when he refused bail to Western Governor Ati Wobiro, former Western Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi and founder of Fly Care Inc. Norman May on Thursday by the Supreme Court.

Western Governor sentenced to 10 years

Justice Martin Ipang delivered the sentence just before 3pm today.

The three were convicted on July 26 for misappropriating over K7m. They were also found guilty for conspiring to defraud the state of K7,060,000.

For misappropriating K7,060,000, Justice Ipang sentenced them to 25 years in prison. However, due to restitution of K373,971.68 being paid, the court suspended 15 years, leaving them to serve a remaining term of 10 years.

For their part in conspiring to defraud the state of K7,060,000, they were sentenced to 4 years.

Wobiro’s penalty submissions adjourned

Governor Wobiro, former Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi, and boss of Fly Care Foundation Inc. Norman Carl May’s case returned before Justice Martin Ipang.

Justice Ipang is the judge who found them guilty of conspiring and misappropriating funds on July 26.

The penalty submissions were supposed to be done in court on Tuesday morning however, it was adjourned because the pre-sentence reports were not done in time.

Wobiro bail application hearing today

The three, represented by their lawyers, Greg Egan and Justin Wohuinangu, appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish this morning where the bail application was moved before a packed courtroom.

The issue of jurisdiction was brought up by the court when Justice Mogish asked Egan, what jurisdiction or powers he had to hear a bail application after conviction. 

The application was filed on Aug 1 under section 10 of the bail act, asking the court for bail after conviction and before sentencing.