2016 UPNG termination of academic year

Court issues temporary stay on students’ expulsion

The permanent exclusion of applicants; Livai Kuaken, Arthur Amos, Jamie Sali, Hercules Jim, Alois Kaluweh, Chris Kipalan and Steward Thoke, is now temporarily stayed by the court until the matter returns on Oct 20.    

Their lawyer, Ramcy Pariwa, will now have 14 days to file for judicial review and serve to respondents; Dr Mange Matui as acting pro vice-chancellor, academic & student affairs of the University of PNG, Prof Albert Mellam as vice-chancellor of University of PNG, UPNG and the State.

An inter-parte (all party) hearing is expected on Oct 20.

Termination of student leaders not a solution for peace at UPNG: Polye

Polye said the reasons the university council gave to justify their termination were shallow, adding the justifications are the subject of the current investigation.

“Termination is not an appropriate tool to restore peace and order at the campus.

“The government deserves to be terminated by the people and not the students,” he said.

Polye, a former student leader, said the boycott of class was decided by the majority and not individuals with vested interests.

UPNG plans to resume academic year

A UPNG staff, who did not want to be named, confirmed the information with Loop PNG today.

“I know that the school will start but when exactly I’m not sure. It hasn’t been confirmed yet,” the staff said.

Another academic revealed the existence of a proposed calendar.

“But it's still being deliberated upon so not confirmed yet.”

This will come as a relief for not only the 5000-plus UPNG students but their parents, guardians and UPNG staff as well.

UPNG students plan to be productive during long break

An executive of the association, Aditha Boroman, told Loop PNG in a recent interview that student leaders have decided to roll out their programs in Madang Province in two weeks’ time.

“Our plans for the remaining months (before we go back to school) are to do productive things to serve the community,” Boroman stated.

“We will also do fundraisings because we are sure that all of us will return to the university without a TESAS scholarship.

“We want to keep every student occupied.”