2016 PNG Independence Day

Police to ensure safe celebrations in Lae

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said all manpower will be used at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium as arranged during the celebrations on Friday.

He said Police will ensure that the area is free from drunkards who would most likely spoil the event.  We want to ensure that individuals and families can attend this freely without being intimidated and harassed by hooligans.

“Police will be taking zero tolerance on drunks, be trouble makers, “he added.

West Papua’s Black Brothers in Pom for Independence concert

The group will be performing on Independence Day at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

Black Brothers are an eclectic band that was the most popular musical group in PNG during the 1980s.

The reggae influences of the Black Brothers influenced various other musical groups in PNG.

The original band was founded by manager Andy Ayamiseba, with members including Hengky Sumanti Miratoneng (vocals, guitar), Benny Bettay (bass), August Rumwaropen (lead guitar, vocals), Stevy Mambor (vocals, drums), Willem Ayamiseba (percussion) and Amri Kahar (trumpet).

Weekly lifestyle update: Independence Day line-up for Pom residents

That’s the message that comes with a number of activities happening around the country, leading up to September 16 (Independence Day).

Where will you be? I would say “definitely not in the house”.

The capital city, Port Moresby, will come alive beginning this week with the climax towards the exact date.

Loop PNG brings to you in its Weekly Lifestyle Update, Independence tips that have been topic of discussions among many: