10th parliament session

O'Neill elected as PM

The leader of the People's National Congress Party was nominated by Abau MP, Sir Puka Temu.

O'Neill was returned to the PM’s post with 60-46 votes.  

Parliament is now in recess as the PM-elect will go to Government House for Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae to swear him into office.

Speaker Job Pomat invited the People's National Congress Party, on advice of the Governor-General, to nominate a person for the Prime Minister's position.

Pomat is new speaker

With 106 MPs in the House, Pomat collected 60 to be declared as Speaker of Parliament.

Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat, who was also nominated for the Speaker's post, collected 46 votes.

Ialibu-Pangia MP, Peter O'Neill, thanked Pomat for his appointment and pledged to work with him for the next five years.

Governor for Manus Charlie Benjamin also commended Pomat for his appointment.

Parliament has now been suspended as the Speaker-elect will go the Government House for his swearing-in.

Declaration of Loyalty signing underway

The protest stalled the declaration for 30 minutes; the signing started at 12:03pm.

The 106 MPs in the chamber are now signing their declaration forms before Chief Justice Sir Salomo Injia in the Parliament chamber.

The Chief Justice will then chair the nomination of the Speaker of the 10th Parliament before the House proceeds to vote for the country’s Prime Minister.

More to come... 

Kuman restrained by court

The orders were issued at 11:50am today by Justice Collin Makail after hearing an urgent ex-parte application filed by Dawa Lucas Dekena.

Dekena's lawyers are now in the process of serving the orders on the Speaker and clerk of parliament.

Kuman has been restrained from being sworn in and making the declaration of loyalty and office now in parliament.

Justice Makail said both Dekena and Kuman should not participate at all in parliament until the case is determined.

The court now has to decide who the duly-elected member of Gumine Open is.

Writs being disputed

National Party Leader Kerenga Kua, backed by The Alliance, is demanding for Parliament to be adjourned before the seats in question are addressed by the Courts.

There is currently a standing protest by The Alliance while loud arguments continue on the floor.

However, Parliament clerk Kala Aufa said the listing received from the Governor-General is legal.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Sir Salomo Injia is already in the chambers.

More to come.

Somare to witness event from public gallery

The former East Sepik Governor retired from politics in the last Parliament sitting before the country went for the national election.

For 49 consecutive years, he was given the mandate by the people of East Sepik.

Meanwhile, the 10th Parliament is waiting for the arrival of Chief Justice Sir Salomo Injia to chair the nomination and voting of the Speaker.

All elected members are in the chambers.

Parlt to start soon

The 10th Parliament will sit at 10am and will be chaired by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

The first proceeding will see the nomination and casting of votes for the Parliament Speaker of the new parliament, before a voting of the country's new Prime Minister takes place.

Security is tight while the sitting is not open to public viewing.

The media, government departmental heads and diplomatic corps have already taken up the public gallery.

Both opposing coalition camps have already arrived at the Parliament premises, waiting for the bell to ring.