Special Olympics signs deal with Badminton Oceania

A virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing was conducted via zoom to celebrate a three-year partnership and commitment between Badminton Oceania and Special Olympics Asia-Pacific.

Signed on Friday, the MoU aims to develop opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities across the continent.

Executive board and staff members from Badminton Oceania, the Badminton World Federation and Special Olympics attended the call, with both presidents attending to digitally sign the MoU: Geraldine Brown (Badminton Oceania) and Dipak Natali (Special Olympics).

“The adrenaline, rigours, camaraderie and joy in sports we experience, are often not extended to people with intellectual disabilities,” says Special Olympics president and managing director, Dipak Natali.

“It is this need for inclusion that drives Special Olympics to level the playing field, by reaching out to our athletes and bringing them out of isolation, having them gain confidence day-by-day, with each interaction and game they play.

“This can only be done with committed partners like Badminton Oceania, who have offered not just their time, expertise and network, but embraced what it means to be inclusive.

“Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen badminton participation in the Pacific region grow by bringing together athletes, partners and coaches, demonstrating the power of sport in building community bonds and promoting inclusion.

“We are delighted that BOC's continued commitment will help build on and deepen the experience - so that badminton remains accessible to our athletes and a sport they can enjoy, and that is a triumph for all.”

Both organisations pride themselves on their shared values surrounding inclusiveness and excellence, advocating for high quality sporting experiences and opportunities for all, regardless of age, gender, race and ability. 

With development at the forefront, Shuttle Time will be pivotal in the implementation of activities. The grassroots programme is accessible to all and provides a bank of resources for teachers and students to learn the fundamentals of badminton.

Special Olympics pledge to support and endorse Badminton Oceania with the upskilling of badminton coaches and Shuttle Time workforce and enabling more participation opportunities for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Additionally, the two parties will facilitate the potential opportunities for Special Olympics competition in country.

“As president of Badminton Oceania, I am delighted to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with Special Olympics to commit to the continuing development of badminton opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities,” stated Geraldine Brown.

“This provides a strong message that we are keen to collaborate, work with both existing and new partners and maximise opportunities for all in this region.

“I look forward to seeing how we progress over the next three years and beyond.”

The agreement builds on previous work and an MoU which was signed in 2018, where Guam National Badminton Federation benefited from a thriving partnership with Special Olympics Guam (SOG), utilising Shuttle Time to reach out to people with intellectual disabilities.

This was also a crucial element of their BWF Membership Grant in 2020/21, which had key objectives to deliver more Shuttle Time sessions alongside SOG throughout 2021.

The new MoU will target countries including Fiji, Guam, Samoa and Papua New Guinea – with the latter leveraging off the Inclusive GymBad programme which shares the aim to development opportunities in badminton for those with physical and intellectual disabilities. 

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