Local Tournament Hosts Grand Final

Boregaina Village in Central Province hosted its netball grand final last weekend with BNS taking out the 2021 premiership title.

Boregaina Netball Association organizer, Cecilia Gadi said it was great to see young women and girls come together to celebrate their netball grand final with great support shown from the community and corporate

She said: “Because we are far away from the city, we try our best to host or play our own village competition to keep our mothers and girls busy, especially on the weekend. To see them                                                                                                                                          take part in the grand final was great.”

Playing in the B grade division, BNS won beating Wanuaboru. In the A grade division, BNS again were too good for Salvos, winning the match.

Gadi said the competition has brought out a lot of talents especially the young players in the village. She said that each year a team is sent to play in the town competitions.

“We have talented young players in the village so every year we try to expose them in town competition.”

Goodman Fielder International supported the grand final, awarding the winning teams and individual players with GFI products and trophies and medals to ending the day on a high note.

Godwin Eki