Women empowered through leadership course

Fifteen men and women gathered at the National Sports Institute (NSI) in Goroka recently to undergo a leadership course.

The course was facilitated by Oceania Athletics and provided participants with an up-to-date understanding of strategic communication, project management and leadership concepts in sports and business.

Emphasis was placed on the special opportunities and changes in the field of leadership and the increasing changes for women in a global context.

Oceania Athletics Development Officer, Regan Kama, said the course was a success with the main goal of empowering women achieved.

“The main goal of this seminar was to produce a sustainable, ongoing, systematic improvement of women in leadership positions,” said Kama.

“It was incredible to see how many of the participants didn’t realise they were leaders, and could continue to be leaders with the support of the network in our region and understanding of the opportunities provided.”

A special focus was put on problem solving and the different leadership styles between men and women.

Participants were thankful for the opportunity, with one saying how it taught them to, “gain confidence and speak up for myself and others” and another saying, “It helped me gain the knowledge and understanding of being a good leader. I would recommend more of these seminars be conducted across the Pacific”. 

The course was held in conjunction with the Highlands Momase Regional Championships and Oceania Area starters course.

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