Women’s softball association joins AIDS campaign

The Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association has joined the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic with a major fundraiser campaign.

The fundraiser, which will run for two weeks, is to raise funds that will assist the National AIDS Council Secretariat’s mission to supply all citizens with information about AIDS.

According to the mechanics of the campaign, each of the 10 women’s clubs currently participating in the Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association will be supplied a one metre long red laplap to fill with money.

Each club is designated a letter and the letter will be formed by the money placed to fill the material. After all ten letters are completed and combined, the “SAVE A LIFE” slogan will appear.

Clubs can come up with their own design or pattern in which monies are to be placed.

The different colours present the different range of note colors from K2, K5, K10, K20, K50 to K100 notes.

The celebration will take place on December 7 with all clubs bringing their completed materials to the field and placing the materials to form the Ribbon.

The National AIDS Council Secretariat will be invited to join the celebrations and provide awareness and collect the monies raised from the campaign.

Terry Longbut