Women’s rugby league set to reach new heights

Growth in women’s rugby league is set to reach new heights following the appointment of a chairperson for the newly-established PNG Orchids Executive Management Committee (OEMC).

Experienced journalist and public relations executive, Ruth Waram, will be at the forefront of the development of the women’s national team.

During the announcement on Wednesday (Aug 22), it was highlighted that a lot of work is needed as women’s rugby league is still in its infancy, compared to the other rugby league playing nations.

Now with the establishment of the executive management committee, all international and domestic programs will be planned, managed and delivered by Waram’s team, alongside the PNG Rugby Football League board and management.

“Everything about the Orchids is new. We are starting from ground zero,” said Waram.

“It’s not going to be easy. Women’s rugby league competition in PNG, compared to other rugby league playing nations, is very, very young.

“That showed in the women’s rugby league world cup last year, playing against very, very experienced teams.”

Waram said first and foremost, the committee will identify weaknesses within the domestic competition, and build a strong foundation from there.

She also touched on exposure, saying exposing PNG players to international competitions will broaden their experience.

They further aim to develop players on and off the field, for example, confidence in addressing a crowd or the media, and being brand ambassadors and role models.

The committee will be working on a 5-year plan as they prepare the PNG Orchids for the next world cup.

Meantime, this year marks the first anniversary of the Oil Search PNG Orchids since the launch of the team on August 15, 2017.

(PNG Orchids Executive Management Committee chair, Ruth Waram)

Carmella Gware