Wigmen launch title defense

2020 Digicel Cup Premiers Kroton Hela Wigmen have launched their 2021 title defense.

The small but significant event took place at the Koitaki Country club just outside of Port Moresby on Friday.

The event coincided with the official announcement of Kroton Hela Wigmen’s 35 men playing roster for 2021.

At Friday’s launch, Chairman of Hela Wigmen Board Any Hetra said to arrive at this final squad wasn’t an easy task.

He said after 6 months of rigorous preseason training, trials and selections the board has come up with final 35 men squad they believe the best team to defend the cup this year.

Hela Wigmen Board Chairman Andy Hetra said, having 7 of the 17 players in last year’s Digicel Cup grand final team in the SP Hunters is one of the greatest highlights in the history of the club.

He said it is a loss for the team but also good as we can keep the production line going.

Hetra said the team has done well so far this year with good local talents from Hela being drafted into the preseason that makes up a 3rd of the team.

He said they’ve also signed up a few talents from other centres to add balance and depth to their stock and remain competitive.

Kroton Hela Wigmen are known for grooming unknown talents to quality players.

The chairman said it’s all about individual players setting their own personal goals, with good discipline and working hard.

The club is only there to provide the environment that is conducive for them to flourish in their career.

The club has also announced Valentine Culligan and Stanford Talita as co-captains for their 2021 title defense campaign.

Culligan and Talita have displayed quality leadership and have been good role models for younger players coming through their ranks.

The Wigmen Board has also retained the services of their grand final winning rookie coach from last year Charlie Wabo.

Terry Longbut