Wasari hopes for Consecutive award

SP Sports Awards is set for tomorrow evening. Winner of last year’s SP Sports Photo Award, Fidelis Wasari, has been nominated again. The Photographer from Quantum Media Limited is hoping he gets it again.

Fidelis said he enjoys capturing sports moments because they are memorable. They inspire athletes and motivate him as a sports photographer.

The young photographer has his own way of selecting photos. Each one tells a story.

Fidelis selected his best sports photo moment and submitted it, earning him a nomination. He is convinced it would get him the award.

“The picture I chose has a strong meaning and it stands out from all the pictures. The picture shows courage and confidence (of) the athlete (running) barefoot and (winning) the gold.”

His photo was nominated for the Sports Photo Awards of the year, after one submitted by Charlie Dumavi and Jorden Sere respectively. Only one photographer will be awarded.

Fidelis thanked his employee Quantum Media Limited, the subject of photograph, and the awards selection committee for another shot at this award.