Vipers’ Narrow Escape

The Moni Plus-NCDC Port Moresby Vipers narrowly escaped an aggressive Enga PG Mioks with a 25-24 win, at the Lae Rugby League Oval today.

While the Mioks had the upper hand in the second half, Vipers managed to catch up and take the match from beneath them.

Opening the Digicel Cup round 2 games in Lae, the visitors registered their first try through prop, Fedro Gene, 10 minutes into the match.

With an unsuccessful conversion, the points were at 4-nil until Vipers winger, Ben Wemin, scored their second try.

Halfback Karis Peter failed to make the conversion.

Determined to return the favour, the Enga Mioks’ second rower, Cedric Pora, managed to get past the Vipers’ defense for their first try of the match.

They failed to convert, but two minutes later Timon Yemini scored his team’s second unconverted try, to welcome halftime with 8-all on the scoreboard.

A return from second half saw an energetic Vipers fullback, John Stanley, register another converted try.

13 minutes into second half and an impatient Mioks team ensured Vipers received a free kick. 

But it was not over yet for the Mioks, who made sure to ground the ball behind the Vipers’ tryline; successfully converting to take them up to 14. 

Twenty minutes in and Mioks’ right wing, Manu Sollie, helped his team bypass the visitors, with another converted try – leaving them at 18 points to Vipers’ 15.

However, their impatience once again cost them a penalty to the Vipers.

That was the break the POM team needed as Karis Peter went in for the kill.

A successful conversion saw the points at 21-18 while another field goal gave the Vipers an extra 4 points.

A frustrated Mioks side pushed determinedly until they registered another converted try, but still fell short at the final whistle.

Vipers narrowly escaped with 25 points to 24.

(Vipers winger, Ben Wemin, sidestepping a Mioks defender during their round 2 match at the Lae Rugby League Oval today)

Carmella Gware