Tusbab Stallions ready for NSL

Tusbab Stallions of Madang are determined to make their presence felt in the upcoming 2019 semi-professional soccer competition.

The club is franchised by Tusbab Secondary School through its school soccer team, Tusbab Blue Kumuls FC, to support youth football development.

After the school team merged with Blue Kumuls in 2010, the club has become a force to be reckoned with.

The merger saw Tusbab Blue Kumuls rise from the bottom of the league to one of the most successful clubs in the history of Madang Soccer Association – in most cases having all its division entering the finals.

Tusbab Blue Kumul club president Conrad Wadunah said it has always been a dream for young players in the club to play at a higher level.

He added that the club would give young players an opportunity to ply their trade at a high level competition such as the National Soccer League.

Wadunah said the club may be new but it has some of the best talents around. Former PNG and FC Port Moresby player Max Sengum will lead the team and will add experience to the young footballers from Tusbab campus.

The other players are junior representatives – Stahl Gubag who went as far as playing once for senior team, the PNG Kapuls, Freeman Giwi (U17,U20), Graham Berigami (U17,U20), Kimson Kapai (U17,U20), Ricky Wadunah (U17,U20), Buttler Bossi (U17), Morris Devi (U17), Jason Wadunah (U17), Ishmael Yopiyopi (U17) and Jesse Mandari (U17).

Most of these players have come out from Madang Centre of Excellence soccer program conducted by Tusbab Blue Kumul.

Other players that have gone through the ranks are Nathan Kell, Richie Apisa, Gerard Lashel, Max Sengum, Stahl Gubag, Nigel Malagian, Nolan Samar, Graham Berigami, Ricky Wadunah and Kimson Kapai.

With these pools of players and a vast of majority of youth players, the club is developing.

Wadunah said the club is looking at taking a bigger challenge to play in the highest competition in the country – the NSL.

The new franchise also has a social responsibility by promoting gender equality by appointing PNGFA women’s assistant coach Rachel Wadunah as head coach of the team for the upcoming season.

It is also creating awareness on HIV and the promotion of girl and women empowerment.

Wadunah said Stallion FC will take one game at a time.

She said her boys have been training for the past month preparing for the season.

They are waiting for the final call from NSL board to give them the opportunity to take part in the competition.

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