Tkatchenko: Government committed to sports

The Government is committed to sports in Papua New Guinea, says Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko.

Tkatchenko said this commitment is evident in state-of-the-art sports infrastructure that was built for the 2015 Pacific Games and the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup.

He said these facilities will remain a legacy for many sportsmen and women.

“As part of the Government’s commitment to give sports in PNG an opportunity to reach greater heights, we must remain a greater stakeholder.

“This is to ensure that the interests of our sportsmen and women remain paramount,” Tkatchenko said.

He explained that a greater reason why the Government must remain the greater stakeholder is the lack of sufficient resource and funding for sports over the years.

That eventually results in the lack of progress or further development in sporting codes.

He added that poor administration and management of sporting codes in the country has been of great concern.

He said we must make it our business to ensure proper mechanisms and foundations are set.

Quintina Naime