Sports tournaments for Lihir staff

Newcrest Lihir has introduced sporting tournaments to compliment its fitness programs to ensure employees are in tip-top shape.

Dubbed the ‘Trupla-man, Trupla-meri’ Tournaments after its anti-violence brand, four different sports competitions will be held for the 4,500 workforce of the Lihir Mine.

During its launching, general manager mining & processing, Michael Drake, said the wellbeing of employees and business partners is fundamental to the success of the Lihir operation. This is why the management encourages and supports activities and initiatives that invest in the safety and welfare of the workforce.

He added that promoting healthy choices and positive behaviour would lead to happier homes and a safer, more productive workplace.

“Sports has the power to transcend social, cultural, and language barriers. It can influence our behaviour, help us create social networks and good communication, and encourage effective collaboration and relationships that can achieve great and positive results,” Drake said.

Deputy mine manager, Iso Ealedona, reminded employees and business partners to have the right attitude towards their work and health.

“It is not all about working and making money. Yes, we are all here to make a living and take care of our families. But in order for us to do our jobs better, we must change the way we think and do things. We must take care of ourselves thus programs as such can help us achieve that,” Ealedona said.

The program began in June with a soccer tournament, which will end this month.

Basketball will begin in September, followed by volleyball in December and touch rugby in March 2018.

The sports tournaments complement employees’ personal fitness programs undertaken in the company’s state-of-the-art gymnasium, where they also have access to professional counselling services and dietary and health plans that are helping them improve their personal and professional lifestyles.


Cedric Patjole