SP Hunters bow out of competition

The SP PNG Hunters have bowed out of the 2018 Intrust Super Cup competition after their loss at Browne Park on August 25th.

They have been maintaining their sixth ranking until the defeat by Central Queensland Capras on Saturday.

For 5 consecutive rounds, the SP PNG Hunters made sure they remained on top of their game.

Coach Michael Marum kept stressing on defensive play, until Saturday evening when weak defense ensured the Capras a 16-point victory, bumping the SP Hunters out of the top 6.

Coach Marum said the football displayed on August 25th was not good enough.

“This is just some of the little things that we did wrong in the game and again, just carried over from the previous games,” he said.

“All throughout the season I thought it was a really tough year for us. Preseason was not completed well and again, struggled all throughout the season – only won three away games, lost two at home, and changes in the players.

“There was inconsistent performance from everyone across the board.

“We’ll do a good review of the season and prepare well for next preseason, make sure we do well.”

Carmella Gware