SP Hunters 2017 season launched

The SP Hunters 2017 season in the Intrust Super Cup was launched last night in the nation’s capital.

Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, the PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL), representatives from the Rugby League World Cup 2017, sponsors, stakeholders and supporters all turned up to the brew kettle at SP Brewery despite the heavy downpour to witness the event.

Managing Director of SP Brewery, Stan Joyce since the inception of the company back in 1952, SP has been a very keen supporter of rugby league in the country.

“We do that because it unites the nation in a way that no other sport does.

“This will be the beginning of what will be a very very exciting season.

“I personally believe that PNG through the SP Hunters have actually changed the Queensland Rugby League competition.

“We’ve instilled in it an excitement that has taken the competition to a brand new level,” said Joyce.

CEO of the PNGRFL, Reatau Rau expressed his gratitude to SP Brewery for their continued support as the major of the Hunters since 2013.

Rau extended his thanks to the support sponsors saying the Hunters would not be where they today without them.

“Running the Hunters is a lot of money. It’s a huge business that we are running right now. Without the sponsors and the help of the government, we wouldn’t be where we are,” said Rau.

Rau said the PNGRFL trust that Hunters coach, Michal Marum and his team knows where the team fell short over the last three seasons and improve on this to become victorious this year to finish on top.

“Let the hunt begin,” said Rau.

Chairman of the SP Hunters, Graham Osborne announced Ase Boas as the captain for this season. Wellington Albert will be his deputy.

The Intrust Super Cup competition will kick off on the first week of March.

Round one will see the Hunters take on the Central Queensland Capras at Browne Park, Australia at 6pm on March 4.


Troy Taule