Serritslev praises side despite 3-1 loss

Coach of the PNG Kapuls, Flemming Serritslev has praised his side for a ‘strong physical performance’ after tonight’s 3-1 loss to Tahiti.

Playing with 10 men after the 22nd minute, PNG took a 1-0 lead at the break, but conceded three goals in the second half.

“It was a deserved win. They had more chances than we had.

“On the other hand, I have to praise my players for a strong physical performance being down to 10 men for I think 70-75 minutes. I think they fought the best they could,” said Serritslev.

Serritslev said PNG felt the hard pressure from Tahiti towards the back end of the game.

“They used their advantages. We know that they are very strong at the far post for example. Unfortunately, even if we had prepared for it, we were not able to stop them.

“What bothers me most is not that we have lost tonight, but for our next match in Tahiti, we will be without both our wingers- Nigel Dabinyaba for his second yellow card and will not be available, and David Browne of course with the red card who will not be available either.

“From a playing style of view, it’s not the problem for our team. What we will need to do now is work on the mental side of the game. Get the boys back, get them back into a good mood for our next match.

The PNG Kapuls will travel to Australia tomorrow and then to French Polynesia for their second match against Tahiti at Stade Pater next week Tuesday.

“I believe we can do it,” said Serritslev.

Troy Taule