Rugby leagues coaches urged to be good mentors

Rugby league coaches throughout the country are challenged to be good mentors for the players on their teams.


Former Kumul and Australian NRL development officer David Westley said a coach must be a mentor and a father figure that everyone in their team will look up to. 

Westley currently facilitates the coaching accreditation course program in the country run by the PNGRFL in collaboration with the Australian NRL.

He is also the PNG Kumuls strength and conditioning coach.

He told coaches during the first coaching clinic recently that apart from coaching, there’re the outside factors and roles that coaches have to play as well.

“My coaches have been my mentor and people I look up to after losing my father and I was very lucky to have good coaches.

“If you want to become a coach and teach all the different rugby league skills, you also have to represent a good role model as well,” Westley told the coaches.

He urged coaches to know about how to hold themselves and carry themselves through that process.