Round one of Hiri Cup completed

Round one of the Hiri Cup Challenge was completed yesterday afternoon at Bava Park in Port Moresby.

At oval one in the U19 men’s division:  Avurigo def. Mirigini 10-0, Lahara def. Laurabada 3-0.

On to the U23 men’s, Avurigo def. Mirigini 17-7 and Laurabada def. Lahara 9-5.

For the women’s games, Avurigo def. Mirigini 58-0 and Lahara def. Laurabada 20-5.

Lastly, in the Open Men’s division, Mirigini def. Avurigo 22-19 and Laurabada def. Lahara 18-10 at oval two.

Round two of the Hiri Cup Challenge is set for June 10.

Troy Taule