Referee was inconsistent: Hunters coach

SP PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum said the referee in the match against the Norths Devils was a bit inconsistent.

Hunters were defeated by Norths Devils 32-18 in round four of the Queensland Intrust Cup at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

“Just because we lost the game, I’m not blaming the referee but he was a bit inconsistent with the rulings a few times during the game,” said the coach.

“The performance of the referee can affect the team.

“We got off to a bad start in the first half with penalties after penalties and a lot of points came from penalty goal kicks and that’s a really big concern for us.”

Moses Meninga and Wellington Albert have been placed on report, Albert for shoulder charge.

“That will go through to the match review committee and hopefully they’ll escape suspensions.

“That’s something we will be looking at making sure we cover for those positions.”

Devils coach Mark Gliddon said it’s always a physical game playing against the Hunters, especially on their home ground, and gave credit to the defense put up by the Devils.

Quintina Naime