Referee A Profession

Referees of the Digicel Cup Competition have voiced their importance as referees that has changed them individually.

Paul Wani, Aaron Kilo and Leonard Alphones have made their way from being rugby leagues players and gone straight into becoming referees are encouraging young players to look into becoming referees as a career pathway.

Senior Referee, Paul Wani said it’s great to see Digicel cup players now refereeing the competition in the game venues around the country.

Wani said: “Players who have come direct from playing to refereeing, has seen an improvement in the quality of the game.”

Former Mioks player, Arron Kilo now a referee for the Digicel Cup matches said the level of the game has changed over the years and he is privileged to have been there to see this transition.

“I am happy to say that I came straight from playing the game in the field to becoming a referee. To me this is a career pathway,” said Kilo.

Leonard Alphonse, former Muruks player turned referee, said it was a step by step process for him when transitioning from player to ref. He said it is a challenging role.

Godwin Eki