Ramu sugar town to host 9s competition

The Ramu Sugar town in Madang province will gather this festive season and celebrate by way of hosting the Tamane Nines rugby league competition.

According to the coordinator, Andrew Sam, the initiative is to promote sports for men and women of Usino, Bundi and Gama LLG of Usino-Bundi district of Madang.

The competition is sponsored by Tamane Lodge, which is a tourism entity owned by local businessman from Usino-Bundi district, Edward Kiza.

Sam added that the Christmas competition is aimed at establishing friendship, networking and build stronger relationships within the community.

Sam clarified that the nines competition aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify hidden talents for rugby league in the three LLGs of Usino, Bundi and Gama;
  • Select possible sides for Ramu Crushers, invite Digicel Cup competition franchise owners to scout possible players for 2017;
  • Promote women’s rugby league and promote women as equal partners in sporting development; and
  • Promote unity in the district and Ramu as a valley of peace and tranquility.

Sam said the competition will start on December 24 and end in January 24. It will be hosted at the Ramu Sugar town rugby league field.

(Major sponsor of the Tamane Nines Christmas competition, Edward Kiza, with a woman leader at Usino LLG recently)

James Kila