The potential of Women's OFC

Concerns were raised over the poor attendance of supporters in the Women’s Oceania Football Confederation Champions League at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium over the past three rounds.

However, President of PNG Football Association (PNGFA), John Kapi Natto believes all is well.

The PNG Football Associations President, says this is the Inaugural championship and no one is expecting a huge turn up. He also says that the matches are played during the week where many people go to school and work, which makes it difficult for them to come and watch.

He said this wouldn’t be the same after five or 10 years when the women’s OFC generates momentum and the fan base picks up in the region. For now, it is just a start. Kapi Natto said not many people know about it or follow it.

The PNGFA President still believes in the Women’s OFC, saying it can become like man’s OFC in time.

It can supply players to A-League in Australia and to other top leagues outside of the region if all the MA’s are committed and work towards building Women’s soccer in the region.

He said the PNGFA is proud to host this historic event in sports and could host another one in years to come.

Meanwhile, PNG is praised for hosting the inaugural women’s OFC in an iconic Stadium like Sir Hubert Murray Stadium that has a world-class facility. The participating teams are privileged to have enjoyed the pitch.

The Inaugural Women’s OFC League continues. Final matches will be played this Saturday, June 10, to round up the event.