Police manpower boosted for FIFA games operations

Additional man power and logistical support will be given to the NCD Traffic Police during the lead up operations for the FIFA 2016 Women’s Under 20 World Cup.

This morning while giving a brief rundown of police traffic operations, Assistant Police Commissioner Jerry Frank confirmed the engagement of the NSU and SSD personnel.

Frank adds that officers have split up operations to also cater for assistance to escort and ferry teams and organisers between the various match venues, training grounds and accommodation areas.

Residents are also being advised that a set route for transport will be confirmed and announced.

Frank explains however that it will not be as hectic as the “priority lane” concept that was in place during the recent 2015 Pacific Games.

A more detailed lay-out is anticipated to be outlined soon for residents in the capital in terms of traffic flow during the FIFA event.

Julianna Waeda