PNGRFL: We will give him the respect he rightfully deserves

Humility, professionalism and a team player was how Kumul #269 Kato Ottio was described by the PNG Rugby Football League.

Ottio’s career was just taking off with the 23 year old due to leave England this Thursday along with Wellington Albert after signing with Super League club, Widnes Vikings.

Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka said Kato’s death had come as shock to all, adding the PNGRFL had been with him all the way since he was hospitalized last Sunday up until late last night.

“We did everything we could to make sure he was well looked after. We were hoping for a full recovery but unfortunately he passed on.

“The PNGRFL is committed to stand by the family during the grieving process to ensure what’s done is properly done with the funeral arrangements and everything. We will give him the respect he rightfully deserves.

“Humility, professionalism and a team player is how I can describe him.”

SP Hunters and PNG LNG Kumuls coach, Michael Marum shared the same sentiments.

 “He was one of our best. He had discipline on and off the field. I never had any issues with him.

“It’s so unfortunate that we’ve lost one of the best rugby players in the country.”

“All the players, coaching staff and management are really saddened by his death.”

Ottio made his debut for the Hunters in 2015 and played 22 matches. He was Hunter #27. For the PNG LNG Kumuls, Ottio played 7 tests matches, three Pacific tests and four World Cup matches.

Troy Taule