PNGRFL not aware of NRL bid

Chairman of the PNG Rugby Football League, Sandis Tsaka, says the PNGRFL is not aware of any proposal on a joint NRL bid with any other city.

He said this after reports were put out in the Australian media about Cairns and PNG considering launching an unprecedented joint bid for a NRL expansion licence.

“The PNGRFL is not aware of and has not discussed any joint NRL bid with any other city to the NRL.

“A NRL Bid is a massive venture that would require substantial investment in resources and infrastructure capacity in terms of elite and junior development pathways and football infrastructure, which PNG currently lacks and is still developing.

“Importantly, the PNGRFL believes that a PNG NRL Bid in the long run must serve the interests of the game in PNG and must be structured to support the growth and development of the sport in PNG.

“We are currently progressing discussions with potential local partners with a view to addressing these issues and presenting our medium-term plans to the NRL.”

Tsaka added the PNGRFL will make it known if there is a bid to join the NRL.

“I hope this puts to rest any speculation and reports of any joint NRL bids with other cities.”

Troy Taule