PNGRFL: 2017 Digicel Cup comp a success so far

“Without the Digicel Cup, we cannot have the SP Hunters or the PNG Kumuls,” says CEO of the PNG Rugby Football League, Reatau Rau.

Rau made this statement at a joint press conference between the PNG NRLC and the PNGRFL on Thursday.

Rau said the 2017 Digicel Cup competition has been successful so far this season.

“The Digicel Cup is the most important domestic competition we have. I thank the PNG NRLC for successfully running this competition this year under the new structure.

He said the PNG NRLC choosing to have the finals separate from the Intrust Super Cup made a lot of sense.

“We must give prominence to the Digicel Cup. Without the Digicel Cup, we cannot have the SP Hunters or the PNG Kumuls.

“99% of the Hunters are from the Digicel Cup. Even the Kumuls coaching management and team are from the Digicel Cup.

“We cannot undervalue the importance and significance of what Digicel and SP Brewery and the franchise owners put into the Digicel Cup.

Rau said he was amazed at the talent on show in this year’s competition.

“The standard of play and officiating has been exceptional and let’s keep that going into the finals.

He also encouraged the residents of Port Moresby and outside to come in numbers to support the finals of the Digicel Cup which start this Sunday.

“I also extend our appreciation to the franchise owners and sponsors for their time and resources invested into the competition.

“Let’s end things on a high,” said Rau.

Troy Taule