PNGPCL plans for Daru Wharf

Daru town in Western Province has been neglected and almost forgotten. Over the years, services and public utilities as well as infrastructure have deteriorated including the Daru Wharf.

However, there is hope on the horizon, as PNG Ports Corporation finally takes steps towards refurbishing the wharf and the causeway.

PNG Ports Corporation Managing Director, Fego Kiniafa said the condition of Daru Wharf deteriorated over the years purely because it was not a viable money making port.  He explained that money is usually spent where there is a good return.

“In terms of initiatives for Daru, we are fully aware of the current debilitated state of the wharf itself,” Kiniafa said.

However, he said in the last six months, PNG Ports has been fortunate enough to get some support from the Australian Government and had engaged GHT engineering consultant who had delivered costing, design options and solutions for the Daru Wharf causeway. 

“A solution for infrastructure at the Port side, both a proper office space, secured fencing yard and some work on the wharf itself to get slightly bigger vessels to come through,” Kiniafa added.

The estimated cost for this infrastructure upgrade is in the vicinity of 15 to 20 million kina and PNG Ports had already received 10 to 11 million kina assistance from the Australian High Commission. 

Kiniafa said, “We’ve already got the contractors who are doing solar power lighting and security with palisade fencing of Daru Port. That secured, the berthing facility and the landside office space and yard for the wharf will be constructed with that K10 million assistance from the Australian government.”

He added that with that commitment, PNG Ports will be looking at how to raise the rest of the money needed for a full upgrade based on the design from the GHT construction.

Kiniafa assured that work is underway and within the next year, there will be improvements happening in Daru.

Frieda Kana