PNGNRLC Upholds Measures

The PNG National Rugby League Competition has collaborated with the Government to relay COVID-19 prevention messages throughout the season.

The global pandemic affected PNG’s sporting fraternity, with stringent COVID-19 protocols taking a toll on sports facilities and competitions in the country.

The PNG National Rugby League Competition had to stop its affiliated clubs from running its competitions.

PNGNRLC Chairman, Adrian Chow said they were collaborating with the Government in doing their bit in supporting COVID-19 key messages and creating awareness in venues and competitions.

“We are pleased to say that we considering the COVID-19 Measures and restructured our 2021 Digicel Cup season to fit into the measures in order to run the season successfully.

“To date, we are happy that we did because then we were able to start the competition and now looking forward to seeing the finals after this weekend moving forward,” said Chow.

He added that while Digicel Cup is heading towards the finals, safety measures will still apply at the games venues around the country.


Godwin Eki