PNGFA to release COVID-19 relief funding

The Papua New Guinea Football Association will release COVID-19 relief funding to its member associations in the coming days.

Papua New Guinea Football Association President, John Kapi Natto, said each member association shall receive a sum of K20,000 to assist within the areas of administration and competition as per the FIFA guidance and compliance protocol.

He said, the aim is to improve the way they develop and support football across member associations so that football can reach its full potential in every single member association, to assist during the COVID-19 period.

“The financial relief funding needs to be used transparently and has to be recorded in order to be reported for audit purposes,” said Kapi Natto.

Member association manager, Stanley Khanna, commended the PNGFA President and his executive committee for approving and endorsing the budget for the second half of the year 2020.

He said the COVID-19 relief funding and assistance is welcome news to all member associations at this difficult time.

Member associations will receive K10,000 as first installment and acquittals of spending must be submitted for the second tranche of the K10,000 to be released, said Khanna.

Khanna stated, the funding will be released to member associations who comply with these requirements:

  • Each member association to provide a list of executive committee members
  • Provide the name of appointed or nominated General Secretary of the member association
  • Provide the bank details of the member association
  • Provide the name of the signatories to the member association bank account and copy of the signatures if need be
  • Provide the contact of the person responsible for the finance in the member association
  • The member association to provide an itemised budget for the expenses of the relief funding to PNGFA
  • The final report should include scanned receipts, invoices and all source documents relating to the budget

2018 and 2019 was a challenging year for Papua New Guinea Football and Kapi Natto expressed his gratitude for the support PNGFA had received from FIFA during the last 21 months.

“I also wish to acknowledge our member associations who have shown the strong determination not to allow the financial challenge we have gone through the past 21 months to stop them from running their competitions and activities.

“I believe we have big potential but need to work harder if we want to advance beyond what we have now to give greater respect to our football.”

(Papua New Guinea Football Association President, John Kapi Natto)

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