PNG needs more players in the NRL

The Kumuls Coach, Michael Marum knows having more players in the NRL will make PNG even more competitive at Rugby League World Cups.

“We want to see a lot more of our players in the NRL and not just playing in feeder clubs.

“In order for us to be competitive in the next five years, we need another three or four David Meads playing in the Broncos.

“We have a few boys out there in the feeder clubs, but they need to do the hard work to get into the top 25 and be playing week in and week out in the NRL."

Marum said he is hoping to see PNG players who are contracted to NRL clubs break into the big league.

 “I want to see Justin Olam making into the Melbourne Storm and Kato Ottio with Canberra Raiders.

“We only have Nene Macdonald, Kurt Baptiste, James Segeyaro and David Mead. Our big boys need to be there. Our forwards need to be playing in the NRL.

“That’s why Tonga, Fiji and Samoa are doing so well now. All their players for the World Cup are picked from the NRL.

“Moving forward, if we can set a goal for 10 players to be playing full time in the NRL over the next five years, it will be really good for us."



Troy Taule