Page excluded in Kumuls squad

The PNG Kumuls’ enforcer, Luke Page, has not been included in the PNG Prime Minister’s XIII match due to work and family commitments.

Coach Michael Marum said this during the team’s announcement.

Marum added that Kurt Baptiste also missed out due to niggling injuries.

Marum said it was a tough decision for Page, who asked not to be included in the squad due to personal commitments.

“Luke Page really wanted to play but the last time he missed eight weeks, he missed out a lot on his work so, while he is playing he’s also employed and got a job there, so he’s asked if he can be considered for the next games so I’ve allowed him to do that.”

Baptiste also has injuries he is nursing ahead of next season at the Roosters Club.

“Kurt Baptiste, he had another good season after he left the Raiders and he’s trying to get himself established in the Roosters team. At the moment there are a few players ahead of him, he’s carrying a few injuries he needs to fix and prepare for next year,” said Marum.

Meanwhile, fitness and medical tests have been conducted on players.

Coach Marum said players have been given training schedules and those who have not maintained their fitness or have participated in other competitions and are carrying injuries will be sent straight back home.

“They have been given warning not to take part in any games, and we don’t want to carry injuries into this game where you play against a really strong side,” said the coach.

Marum added: “Everyone has been given training programs and hopefully they have been training. If they have not been training we will find out on the first day.”

Cedric Patjole