OSF, Cricket PNG To Deliver Program

The Santos funded Oil Search Foundation (OSF), in partnership with Cricket PNG has announced the Love Cricket Program aimed at helping children learn important skills that are required as they move into their teens.

An agreement between OSF and Cricket PNG was signed on Monday, June 27 paving way for the program to be implemented in selected schools in NCD, Central and Gulf provinces.

This new agreement further supports Cricket PNG to use a previous investment by OSF in purchasing the equipment in 2020.

The pandemic prevented the implementation of the program in 2021 and both partners are very pleased to see this initiative come to fruition.

The Love Cricket program will target children aged 10-13, who will take part in sessions designed to teach them how to work as a team, to boost their self-confidence, and to increase their participation in healthy activities.

The program will do this through access to cricket equipment and exposure to structured team sports. Encouraging girls to engage will be an important focus of the program.

The Foundation’s Chief Program Officer, Jean Martin, said: “OSF has been running community programs for children in other provinces, but this is the first time OSF brings children’s activities to NCD, Central and Gulf provinces. The program will involve about 30 schools in terms three and four, and an estimated 900 students between July and December, 2022.”

She said that physical education and sport are important in the early development of children and young people. It helps them to be more disciplined and organized and establishes relationships that continue beyond sports.

Meanwhile, Cricket PNG CEO Greg Campbell said they are happy to complete this work in partnership with OSF and acknowledged the investment already made in purchasing the equipment and now the work in schools. 

He said: “We have also secured a commitment with Trukai Industries Ltd to help with developing modules relating to health and wellbeing and nutrition and to provide each participant a Care Package to take home.”

Santos Executive Vice President Environment, Sustainability & Governance, Janette Hewson, said: “Santos is proud to support this program through OSF and recognises the value of encouraging young people to be active, to learn new skills and to be team players. We hope it encourages more young people to get involved in sport.” 

OSF is funded by Santos following the merger with Oil Search Limited in December 2021. Santos has committed to funding this partnership with Cricket PNG.  

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