Orchids go down to Jillaroos

The Australian Jilaroos dominated today’s curtain raiser match for the PMs 13, against the Oil Search PNG Orchids, with 8 brilliant tries.

The match ended with a 40-4 scoreline, in favour of the visitors.

The visiting Australian Jillaroos treated this match like any other, making sure they got into the rhythm of the game immediately at kick off.

With the intense city heat, the Jillaroos piled on in attack from the get go, eventually scoring their first converted try in just under 10 minutes.

The Oil Search PNG Orchids were tough in their defence, tackling hard but not so much in attack.

The Jillaroos prevented them from getting too close to their try line.

Eventually they score their next three tries, working mostly through the middle and creating the numbers on the outside.

But the Orchids had not given up yet. Right on Half time the PNG women slipped one past the Jillaroo try-line from the wing through Naomi Kaupa.

At halftime, Orchids captain Carol Humeu said they needed to communicate more on the field.

And this they did back into the second half, with some very good strong tackles.

A couple of attempts to score, just didn’t work out for the PNG ladies, prevent tries, preventing the Orchids from adding on points.

Meanwhile, the Jillaroos had already set the pace, and scored four more tries in the second half, with a 50 per cent conversion.

The Jillaroos literally stole the match with 40 points to the Orchids with 4.

Salome Vincent