Olympic Committee stresses on transparent selections

At the opening of the Team PNG coaches workshop yesterday morning, the PNG Olympic Committee stressed on the importance of transparent selections.

PNG Olympic Committee Male Vice-President and Chairman of the Justification Committee, Michael Henao, said being a coach for Team PNG and our nation’s elite athletes is a significant privilege and responsibility.

And as chairman of the Justification Committee, he reminded those present of the upcoming JC deadline for the submission of their final squads.

The Justification Committee was set up to ensure that fair and proper processes were followed by teams to select their squads to represent Team PNG.

“I know selection process can be very difficult and often controversial with not everybody being happy about the results,” said Henao. “And often we have many disappointed athletes, we have many disappointed officials and even moms and dads.

“And so that’s why it’s important that your selections and the work that you do, is as transparent, as open and it is as honest as possible.”

Henao said the deadline for submission of final squads is February 27th, and the JC meetings will take place on the week of March 18th.

National Federations are reminded that February 27 is also the deadline for 50 percent payment of the levy.

Meantime, the three-day coaches workshop will end tomorrow.

(Justification Committee Chairman, Michael Henao)

Carmella Gware