O’Neill to Kumuls: “Carry the Heart of our Nation on your Jerseys"

"Our Kumuls went out on the field full of heart and passion for Papua New Guinea,” PM O’Neill said after the game.

"I congratulate our Kumuls for a great win, you served your Nation proud today.

"This is the first time we have ever beaten Wales in the history of the Rugby League World Cup, and the highest points scored by our Kumuls in the history of the competition.

“The team performed strongly against a solid team from Wales, but lets never be complacent.  

"There are some strong teams you will meet in the future.

"Maintain your focus, stick to your training regime, and carry the heart of our Nation on your jerseys.

"Papua New Guinea is proud of your heroic effort today, but this is the first match with more to follow."

The Prime Minister said he is concerned that Kumuls Coach, Michael Malum, was given medical care during the game.

"Michael has put his mind and soul into the Kumuls, and he is a great leader of his team.

“The latest information I have is that Michael is in good spirits.

“Lets not listen to speculation and rumour, and wait until the medical team update tomorrow."

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