NSL kicks off this weekend

The 2019-2020 National Soccer League kicks off this weekend after a couple of delays.

The Papua New Guinea Football Association and National Soccer League have announced their kick-offs for the Premier League Competition commencing this Saturday. 

A press conference was held yesterday where PNGFA announced the beginning of the old format.

PNGFA President, John Kapi-Natto, said since 2018 and 2019, the Conference League was endorsed and replayed in the country however, the format was thrown out due to issues surrounding it.

“Now PNGFA has now gone ahead to bring back the old format that we used to have before on the home and away and we’re going to call it the Premier League or Premier Division,” stated Kapi-Natto.

NSL Chairman Benny Popoitai elaborated that ten teams will be playing in the competition.

Teams drawn yesterday in line from first to ten include FC Kutubu, Vitiaz United FC, Tusbab Stallions FC, Hekari United FC, defending premiers Toti City FC, Morobe United FC, FC Morobe Wawens, Gulf Komara FC, FC Bougainville and Star Mountains FC.

PNGFA thanked PNG Kumul Petroleum for the three months of working together and sponsor of the competition.

(PNGFA President, John Kapi-Natto)

Jasmine Iru