NGCB continues financial support of code

The National Gaming Control Board has extended financial support to the PNG Rugby Football League to run its programs.

The official announcement of the continuation of the partnership and support was made recently.

CEO of the National Gaming Control Board, Imelda Agon, met with executives of the PNG Rugby Football League to officially announce that the Government of PNG will continue to support rugby programs under the PNGRFL.

PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka had nothing but praise for NGCB and its continued support over the past seven years.

Tsaka said since the NGCB came on board in 2013, it continues to stick by the PNGRFL, from when its programs were in disarray, to now, when it finally has some level of control and better management of its programs.

The NGCB has been supporting the Kumuls program for seven years, and the Hunters program for six.

Agon said bulk of the financial support will go towards the Kumuls program as the Hunters already have a naming rights sponsor.

The NGCB continues to support rugby league, much of that support is targeted to rugby league at the grassroots level.

With the announcement of the continuation of financial support to the Kumuls and the Hunters program, Agon said it was important to acknowledge the hard work put behind the grooming of players, and she was impressed at how PNG rugby league has evolved overtime, to where it is now at.

She commended SP PNG Hunters Coach Michael Marum for his tireless efforts in his current role, and encouraged him to take each criticism in his stride towards developing some of PNG’s best sportsmen.

Meantime, the PNGRFL and the NGCB agreed that the partnership they share is aimed at positively impacting teams in each tier of PNG rugby league, the players and the community – socially and economically.

(From left: PNGRFL CEO, Reatau Rau, PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka, NGCB CEO, Imelda Agon and SP Hunters coach Michael Marum)

Salome Vincent