New leadership for PNGNRL Comp

The PNG National Rugby League Competition announced today two new leadership roles in overseeing competitions for the 2023 rugby league season.

PNG NRLC Director, Lorna McPherson announced the appointment of Leith Isaac as General Manager and Paul Joseph as Competitions Manager for a period of two years.

Isaac has over 10 years of experience in public and private sector and include international development and has a strong experience in sports space working previously with Team PNG and 2015 Pacific Games.

“We are really excited and fortunate as a competition to have such qualified personnel to go into the 2023 season. As a team continues to assemble the new strategic approach which I think we are going to discuss this year we are really optimistic about having the right people to run competitions and right across PNG as well,” she said. 

McPherson added that this appointment delivers a vision that the Chairman and the board of directors have for the NRLC.

Former Competitions Manager and CEO of the PNGRFL, Stanley Hondina spoke on the alignment of the PNG NRLC to the greater plans and vision for rugby league going forward. 

“We here at the PNGRFL always want to be the best in the sporting space and for us to realize that we only need good people around the organization. I congratulate these two gentlemen and welcome them to the PNG NRLC which is an important tier in the whole of the games PNGRFL six-tier structure. 

“It will be new and exciting as well as challenging for him but PNGRFL is committed to assisting wherever needed and possible. They bring in a new set of experience and dynamics to the organization and we look forward to working with them going forward,” said Hondina. 

PNG NRLC will be launching its first ever five-year strategic plan 2023- 2027 in March and the General Manager will be expected to lead his team to implement this strategic plan.
The announcement comes as the first of several strategic changes for the competition this year, prior to kick off in April.


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